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Barcelona +SostenibleAgenda 21 is a term coined in the Earth Summit (Rio, 1992 ) to refer to the Action Plan that states should take to transform the current development model, based on an unequal and disproportionate exploitation of natural resources, in a new model of sustainable development and durable over time.

In this final document of the United Nations, it was recognized the responsibility of the cities and their processing capacity.

Nowadays, more than 5,000 cities around the world are developing their local Agenda 21, through mechanisms involving the local community, in order to establish shared goals to locally contribute to a sustainable development of the global society .

The local Agenda 21 is a good realization of a high old environmentalist goal  " think globally and act locally."

The Local Agenda 21, in Barcelona, is specified in the program Sustainable Barcelona.

The frame of reference for the 2012-2022 period of consensus by about 1,000 organizations in the city is the public commitment to sustainability.

Belon to the Barcelona's Agenda 21 means accomplish with these principles and contribute to achieving the described objectives.

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