InVendi BMS

Installations controled by Invendi BMSInVendi BMS is a visualization and control software that allows you to control, from a screen, everything that is going on in your installation.

The InVendi BMS products offer a wide range of automation and monitoring solutions to simplify the management of facilities and are specially designed to bring incalculable value to your building or property.

InVendi BMS is able to communicate with all kind of equipment of different systems: CCTV , lighting, HVAC , security, etc, allowing the user to have full control over them either locally or remotely.

For its modularity and performance, InVendi BMS is the most comprehensive , eeficient and cost-effective solution for any need, for new installations and for the extensions of existing ones.



Efficient and intuitive navegation and use

The navigation and the management of devices are simple, elegant and intuitive. Each device is represented by a distinctive icon that shows the current status of the installation.

With one mouse click you can view and modify the settings of any device, see active alarms and control the energy consumption.


Technical Alarms - safety all the time

InVendi controls at continiously and independently the proper operation and the status of the installation. For any anomaly or undesired situation, the system is responsible for notifying the problem there where you are and, if it is possible, to fix it automatically.


Scenarios - multiple devices on a hand

InVendi scenarios allow to tailor the behavior of different elements to specific usage scenarios. Thus, on turning the stage, all devices agrouped in it go to the preset value.


Transitions - intelligent temporized scenarios

In complex scenarios with many elements, sometimes is necessary to carry out an orderly variation of all elements to the required setpoint.
InVendi transitions coordinate all the elements of a scene for a synchronous running, increasing the comfort and performance of the installation


Acces guaranteed from everywhere

InVendi is a multiplatform system compliance with Android, Mac and Windows OS. Invendi enables the user to gain access from any device: Panel PC, smartphones, tablets and computers (web, secure connection , etc.).
Additionally, you can receive information via SMS or e-Mail and view cameras in real time.


Integration of communications and multimedia

InVendi unifies for the first time, within the same system, the own building installations (heating, lighting, etc.), multimedia devices (TV, Audio, Home Cinema, etc.) and telecommunication services (voice over IP, web browsing).


Savings through an efficient management of energy conssumption

InVendi shows the current use of the facilities, but at the same time, it is possible to reduce and optimize the energy consumption of them by defining simple rules of use.
In this way, and in a completely autonomous way, InVendi ensures the maximum functionality with the minimum consumption.


Multilingual runtime support

In buildings where users may attend various nationalities, it is mandatory to have different runtime languages.
All InVendi options are designed to support the switch of languages on runtime.


High availability for equipment and functions

Invendi is designed for any kind of installations. You will find always an Invendi version specially suited to the size of the facility and to the required functions.

Also, if your system grows or expands its functions, InVendi can be upgraded with it, reducing the initial investment and guaranting the future expansions.


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